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The Surfing industry is one of the greenest industries, right? WRONG.

Despite surfers’ inherent love towards the environment, the surfing industry is filled with products made out of toxic or petroleum based materials. Ironic isn’t it? Well luckily we’ve got some good news.

There are people out there that have worked hard over the years to develop products of great quality with the environment in mind. Products that would last longer and perform just as good if not better than your normal alternative. Sounds too good to be true?

Up until a few years ago, yes. These environmentally friendly alternatives were available at a premium, and with instant return-on-investment in mind, most surf shops struggled to commit. But things are about to change.

My name is Gordon Fontaine, I have been a part of the professional surf industry for over 10 years now. A few years ago, I became disillusioned by the number of big surf brands not having an environmentally sound ethos. 

Everyday, surfers rely on the environment to provide them with clean water and waves. This is what keeps us surfers stoked, and most believe in environmental causes but we don’t always follow this through with the products we buy. Despite the existence of some ethical surf brands, I recognised there was a distinct lack of availability when it came to eco-friendly alternatives.

Now however, thanks to The Green Wave, everyone can support both small and large independent brands who are working hard to protect and sustain the planet that provides us with so much. As well as being able to offer an option for environmentally-conscious riders who want great product performance, The Green Wave aims to influence everyday surfers through inspiring content, insightful articles and in-depth product information.

I hope you’ll come along on this journey.

Gordon Fontaine
Founder, The Green Wave

Gordon Fontaine
Gordon Fontaine


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