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As cliché as it sounds, Vincent Duvignac is the kind of guy who lets his surfing do the talking. I've known him for years now and he's always been the quiet one who'd only voice his opinions when it really mattered.

Duvi has always had this innate connection with nature. He grew up in Mimizan among the trees, the dunes and the ocean, surfing epic secret sandbanks on a daily basis. No wonder he's quite down-to-earth... 

He's been competing on the WQS for a little while now and has had ups and downs with sponsorship along the way, but luckily things are going his way this year. Recently he asked me about Wavetribe, as he developed a strong interest in the whole eco concept, and I am really stoked to hear they've welcomed him to the family.

Here's what he had to say:

Why do I like eco products?

First of all, I was super excited to find a pad suitable for my back-foot. The grip is really good, as it allows me to push my turns without loosing control, and the addition of cork keeps the pad efficient much more longer compared to the other ones, thanks to its natural characteristics.

Using eco-friendly products makes me feel positive about practicing my every-day sport and passion. I used to be so disappointed and sad about all the chemicals and polluting products we can use in surfing. I was ashamed when I went surfing, to the point that, a few years ago, I started recycling old pads from broken boards in order to stick them onto my new ones…

For me the surfing industry must show the way when it comes to producing less waste, because our passion deserves it. We are here to ride and play with the ocean, not to destroy it.

We all need to work harder to find quality products made with love and eco-friendly materials to reduce our plastic footprint.

Thanks Wave Tribe for your commitment!

Here's Vincent shredding in his latest episode, courtesy of Falling Angels Prod.

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Gordon Fontaine


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