Brand Focus: Rareform - From Billboards to Bags

The Green Wave is the first retailer in Europe to be selling some of Rareform's amazing up-cycled products. Each product in their range is 100% unique and cannot be reproduced, so once it's gone, it's gone! Learn more about their manufacturing process:

At Rareform, they take old billboards and turn them into totally unique products, tailor-made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. They call this process “upcycling,” and they get a lot of questions about it. They’re not into keeping secrets. They want to explain their 3-step process to you, so you can explain it to your friends.

up·cy·cle -verb : (1) to take used materials and create a product of higher quality than the original; (2) (at Rareform) to turn used billboards into action sports products of the highest quality, carefully engineered with the outdoor enthusiast in mind; (3) to bring new out of old.



The process starts when we intercept billboards before they reach the landfill. We’ve partnered with companies like Lamar Advertising—the nation’s largest outdoor advertiser—to ensure that we have an ample supply of quality material. Each billboard is made of heavy duty, water-proof, and mildew proof vinyl —the perfect material for our bags.



Unlike some other raw materials, billboards aren’t sold in rolls by the yard. Our Cutting Crew goes through the massive piles to select, cut, and carve the billboards with the best colors and the least amount of wear. The first to decide which billboards will give your bag the character you deserve, the Cutters are the heroes of our process. They see potential. They use their hands. They get dirty.



After the billboards are cut, we wash off the dirt and grime they’ve picked up beside the road. It’s at this point in the process, once they’re clean, that the “old” billboards start to look “vintage.” Our Sewing Team stitches the pieces into finished bags, each of which is unique in the truest sense of the word. No two Rareform products are exactly alike.


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Gordon Fontaine
Gordon Fontaine


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