Make 2015 the year of change….

Call it whatever you want, a new year resolution or new year pledge, we all try to use January as an excuse to improve ourselves, and we’re no exceptions here at The Green Wave.

I thought I’d share with you one of my (many) new year resolutions: switching entirely to eco-friendly wax!

We’re launching a campaign to encourage you guys to do the same… less toxins, fewer chemicals and biodegradable.. with the same performance and price as standard wax. The real question is, why the hell not?? So come on, join us and make your own #ecowaxpledge.



Simply share your own #ecowaxpledge and upload to Facebook tagging The Green Wave or Instagram tagging @tgw_surf to enter our draw to win a year’s worth of GreenFix eco wax… and some other TGW goodies too!

The winner will be picked on February 12th, 2015… Now go wax your boards and get shredding!

 Eco wax available here

Terms & Conditions

* 2 bars of wax per month total prize 24 bars.
* The pledge can come in the form of a photo and/or video.
* The wax used to make the pledge can be any brand of wax as long as it’s eco-friendly!

Gordon Fontaine
Gordon Fontaine


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