REEF Redemption, what's that?

We are stoked to announce The Green Wave now stocks Reef!

Now at first you might be asking yourself "How is Reef eco-friendly?"

Reef is one of the top sandals brands on the market. It's one of the original surf brands and has been making high quality products for decades. When you look at the other global surf brands and the direction they've taken in the past ten years, it's easy to assume they've lost their connection to the environment somewhere along the line.

But Reef is different. As the brand grew to become a worldwide success, it knew to keep things under control, especially when it came to the environment. So a few years ago they decided to launch Reef Redemption.

The Redemption program is here to reinforce Reef's commitment to do business in an ethical and environmentally-conscious manner. It takes form in several ways, and the first one is through their Redemption product range.

For a start, it's important to note that all of Reef's product ranges are made using water based glues and are free of PVC, which is a toxic compound found in many other commercials goods. But the Redemption range goes above and beyond this, with an emphasis on the use of recycled EVA, organic textiles and sustainable sourcing projects working with skilled artisans in developing countries. The following infographic highlights some of the features used in the Redemption range.

Not only does Reef work with developing country artisans through their 'We Heart' project, injecting business opportunities in deprived areas, they've also started using the eco-one technology. This technology enhances the biodegradability of plastics in biologically active landfills. The following video explains in good detail how eco-one works so make sure to check it out when you have a minute.

But that's not all. Reef also prides itself on providing financial resources and time to support humanitarian and environmental causes. To strengthen that within their company, they encourage every employee and grant paid time off to volunteer at a non-profit organisation of their choice.

You can see a few of the projects they got involved with here. One project that particularly interested us at The Green Wave was their commitment to the Waste to Waves project by Sustainable Surf, whereby they encourage surfers to collect their styrofoam packaging in order to recycle them into surfboard blanks.

Finally, Reef makes a huge effort to reduce their environmental impact in house. Paperless meeting policies, a ban on disposable plastic water bottles, and using solar tubes and energy-efficient lighting are only a few examples of what they do to reduce their carbon footprint at their world headquarters.

So there you have it. Reef is a great brand that cares for the environment and has ethical business practices. But not only that, it also manufactures some of the best products on the market, and that's the reason why we at The Green Wave decided to stock their range of redemptive products.

Gordon Fontaine
Gordon Fontaine


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