The TGW Christmas gift guide for surfers who care

Hey guys! Gordon here.

Christmas is coming up soon and before we know it we'll be all be scrambling to get our loved ones random consumer goods in the hope of making them happy this holiday season. Last minute panic buying never fills anyone with much festive joy.

December 25th can be a double edged sword, on one side it's a great opportunity to reunite with your family and get back to square one, attacking the new year feeling refreshed and resourced. On the other it represents a period of consumerism black out where people buy anything and everything just for the sake of giving something to someone.

At The Green Wave we believe that you don't need to buy tat to make Christmas magical (#notat), and that actually, giving back to the environment by buying better more planet conscious presents makes it just as, if not more rewarding.

With that in mind I've put together my personal favourites as a Christmas gift guide for surfers who care.

Notox Surfboard - from £635

The ultimate surfing gift

It's a surfers' most precious possession and so it's with no surprise that surfboards sit at the top of this guide. When my brothers and I were younger, new surfboards were all we ever wanted. The sight of a brand new untouched board under the tree was enough for me to just about pee myself with joy and excitement.

Not only are the Notox boards beautiful, they are also some of the most environmentally-friendly surfboards in Europe. As well as being shaped using recycled EPS blanks, flax fibre and bio-resin, these boards demonstrate high performance features, such as increased longevity and reduced weight.

Rareform Backpack - £54.95

A unique gift for one of a kind people 

Don't you hate it when you walk down the road with your rad highstreet backpack and see 156 people wearing the exact same bag? Yeah me too. But luckily I've found something way cooler. Rareform backpacks. Handmade in California from up-cycled advertising billboards, these bags are as unique as, well, the waves.

With a padded compartment for laptop and tablets, netted internal pockets and faux-fur external pocket for your smartphone or iPod, these bags come packed full of features with a real attention to detail.

Tailpad + Leash Package - £50 (Saving you £6.98 !)

The starter pack gift

Okay so you know your friend/family member/loved one is getting a surfboard this Christmas. The first thing they'll need is to kit it out with a tailpad and a leash. Wavetribe make some of the best surf accessories on the market. Long-lasting grip that doesn't hurt the knees, or the environment, is the way to go in my books; and the leashes are some of strongest leashes I've ever used, and they're made from recycled PET.

Because these two surf accessories come hand in hand, we've decided to create a little package deal, giving you even more reasons to switch to eco-friendly gear. Better still, if you order a TGW t-shirt on top, we'll send you a FREE bar of base-coat and whatever season wax you need! How about that...

TGW Original T-shirt - £22 - BRAND NEW for 2016!

Wear a bold statement

Following the success of our first range of organic cotton t-shirts (stock have been replenished so they are still available), we've decided to spice things up and add two brand new colour ways to the mix! Black tees are a classic and I personally love the way our TGW white graphic sits on this colour. Contrast galore, bold statement, boom.

The other colour is burgundy. Why burgundy? According to the website 'FashionBeans', burgundy sits somewhere between 'versatile neutral' and 'statement colour' with notions of elegance and refinement. I like the sound of that, but more importantly, I like the look of that!

Silverstick Beanies - From £22

Your cold water surf trip companion

So it is officially winter, and the cold (the real one) has finally decided to hit us after a couple of months of stormy but very mild weather. Do you know what that means? It means it's time to get cosy and keep your noggins warm, and there's no better way to do so than with the Silverstick beanies.

Silverstick have developed two amazing types of beanies; one is made from organic cotton and comes in Yellow or Grey and the other is made from merino wool and comes with a bobble in Olive Green or Charcoal. This awesome brand has also developed the first ever organic cotton socks made in the UK, so go check these out, they are the perfect stocking filler.

Wavetribe Recycled P.E.T. Boardsock - £32.95

Not only are they eco-friendly, they're also rad 

As well as making cork tailpads and recycled leashes, Wavetribe also produce awesome board socks. There's two things setting these apart from the rest. Firstly, they are made from recycled P.E.T. (plastic bottles) and hemp nose protection, making them one of the only eco-friendly board socks on the market. Secondly, they come in some seriously good colour ways.

This one here is covered in skulls, one sports a Louis Vuitton look-a-like pattern and another rocks a hemp plant pattern. You won't find that anywhere else.

Gordon Fontaine
Gordon Fontaine


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