Simple tips to a better 2016

Froth out in 2016

Happy New Year you bunch of frothers!

#NewYearNewYou, yay! Who’s in? No one? Not surprised…

At The Green Wave we don’t believe you’ve got to change everything to become a better person in 2016. We do however have a few simple tips that won’t break the bank, help you reduce your impact on our beloved environment, and boost the local economy. All little things that’ll make you feel better inside.

So who’s in? Ahh, that’s better.


Buy from independent brands/artists/shops

A simple one really, and off course this includes us, but by supporting independent ventures, not only are you helping skilful people follow their passion, you’re also likely to be getting yourself some pretty rad goods. Why? Because anything made by independent brands will be done so on low to very low volumes of production, which means you’re getting yourself some sick as one-of-a-kind gear.

Here’s a good example. OK, it’s not based in the UK, but it’s way too good to not talk about it. There’s this guy called Jonas Claesson, he’s an illustrator based in Sydney, and he makes really awesome surf-related illustrations.

He recently launched a book for kids, mixing the classic theme of animals with beautiful poetry, all based on the art of shred.

“I have two kids under 7, so for me it was a no brainer, there’s no better way to get them psyched on surfing that a good old bed time story.” TGW Founder Gordon Fontaine.

But if you don’t have kids then that’s fine too, as his website offers prints of all his illustrations as well as a range of awesome tees and sweaters. Go check it out here.


Support SAS

If you don’t already do so! Surfers Against Sewage is the UK’s most iconic surf NGO and is doing a killer job at keeping our beaches clean, and the water users aware of water quality. A couple of months ago they organised the international success that was the Global Wave Conference on their home turf in Mawgan Porth (we went, read more here), it was amazingly inspiring and a real kick up the b**t to get us all in gear for sustainability.

More recently (yesterday actually), they coordinated a flash beach clean to answer to yet another environmental catastrophe as thousands of Vanish bottles started washing up on the beaches surrounding Porthleven, Cornwall.

From knowing CEO Hugo Tagholm and Campaign Director Andy Cummins first hand we can tell you that these guys are some of the most passionate and hard working crew in the kingdom, and you can feel safe knowing your playground will be kept sewage free for the years to come.

They provide different levels of membership, so even if you’re on a budget you can still get involved. It’s happening right here.


Care for your gear better

Buying eco is great, don’t get us wrong, as a matter of fact go ahead and help yourself, but one of the best thing you can do in terms of your surf gear is to increase its lifespan. Because having to buy a new suit every season not only is bad for your credit card, it’s also bad for mother nature.

For this there are a few things you can do to make life simpler. First thing is to buy durable goods,

“I personally wear C-skins wetsuits and the suit I got three years ago is still going as strong as ever. No leaks, no cold drafts, just the same snug wetsuit it always was, and I haven’t even looked after it that well (guilty!)” TGW Founder, Gordon Fontaine.

Other brands that come in mind when it comes to making long lasting products are Wavetribe, Notox surfboards, British based brand Finisterre, Patagonia and Quiver surfboards.

The other thing you can do to keep your gear alive longer, and that’s an important point, is to look after it properly. For this you mustn’t hesitate to invest in a little bit of tech. By tech we don’t mean a new iPhone or the latest GoPro, but something like a Dritek hanger for example.

Made using recycled materials, designed to preserve the shape and health of your neoprene and built to withstand any type of abuse. This really is a game changer for keeping your wetsuits alive for longer. Not only that but they also enable you to dry off your neoprene pretty much anywhere, which means less times having to slide into a wet and freezing suit. Get one right here.


Consider buying/selling second hand

OK so you’ve had a board for a fair few years now and you’d like to upgrade, maybe because you’ve gotten better and need less volume, or your current board is getting a bit battered? Well here’s the thing: selling your board second hand will make someone else happy and help you generate the cash to afford a new board.

No brainer right? But where are you going to find the right buyer for this old board? Gumtree? On and off… eBay? People won’t want to pay much for it. Fear not, we’ve got a better option. A few years ago TGW founder Gordon Fontaine started a Facebook group called Second surfboards UK, because he had a few boards to pass down.

Two and half years down the line and the group has over 10,000 members. That’s over 10,000 British surfers looking to buy or sell surf gear and give each other advice on what to get next.

The group is filled with various personalities of the British surf scene including many pro surfers and renown shapers, so if you’ve got any questions about which type of board to get, which dimensions, or even reviews on certain models, then this is the place to go. Check it out here.


Reduce - reuse - recycle

A classic, but with a new found twist to it. We’ve recently come across this guy called Rob Greenfield (the internet is a wonderful place). Rob lives in California, on a tiny plot of land where he DIY built his little eco house. Rob runs a blog on which he keeps us up to date with his sustainable lifestyle and occasionally offers a few tips as to how to live a little bit more like him.

Now we’re not saying to leave your house, build a shed from pallet wood and go pee in the bush, but he certainly makes a good point. In a recent video he explained how to reduce your ‘trash’ (waste for us Brits) to a simple bag a month. For this he focuses on the order the Reduce - Reuse - Recycle mantra was put together. Watch the video below to find out more

Yes, ok, realistically this is near impossible to achieve, we’re right there with you. But it provides some good grounds for our own consumer habits and includes quite a few handy tips anyone can implement right now. Read more from Rob here.


Encourage your friends to do the same

Social media is great. People are able to interact like never before, and without it we would have never been able to see so many cute cat videos. But social media is not all, and only a handful of people will act on what they saw on Facebook that day.

The real king in changing habits and influencing others is real life word of mouth, because there’s nothing more honest than a good old face to face chat with your mates. So do it, if you’re inspired to do better in 2016, get your friends involved and tell them about what you’ve read and what you’ve seen. Maybe you could tell them about us too?

After all we’re just like you; we’re passionate about our playground and epic surf gear.

Gordon Fontaine
Gordon Fontaine


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