WT Tailpad + Leash Package

by: Wavetribe

We've put together a little package deal for the lucky ones who just got themselves a brand new surfboard, or simply want to upgrade their existing one.

Tailpads and leashes are the two essential bits of kit you'll need to get started, so we thought we'd entice you towards the eco-friendly alternative of a cork tailpad and a recycled leash at a reduced package price.

Hey if you buy a t-shirt as well, we'll even throw in a free bar of base-coast and wax of your choice!

  • Wavetribe leashes are one-of-a-kind products, for two reasons. Not only they are the strongest leashes out there, they’re also made out of recycled materials.

    While the swivels and webbing are made from scratch for extra comfort and maximum technical efficiency, the main part of the leash, the cord, is made from recycled plastic bottles.

    The combination of the two make up for a leash that’s extremely strong, durable, technical and comfortable.

    • Super strong velcro that lasts
    • Double swivel technology: no more tangle
    • Comfortable padded strap
    • Detachable rail saver
  • Traditionally tail pads are made out of EVA plastic (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), which is a flexible plastic commonly used as a shock absorber or padding in sports equipment. Wavetribe were the first company to make the move towards CORK for the production of tail pads. With its natural flexibility and shock absorbing ability, Cork represents a great new opportunity for surfing. Not only that, but the material is also ultra lightweight and water repellent.

    To produce the highest performance product possible, Wavetribe have blended those 2 materials to produce the world’s first cork pads. With its spaced out diamond shaped pattern, the pad allows your feet to sink down nicely and lock into the grip.

    Its medium height kick presents an all-round solution to your surfing needs, high enough to get some serious kick in the air, but low enough to accommodate the more intermediate surfers as well.

    Finally it’s natural cork colour looks really nice on your board, and will stand out against the neon nightmare that a lot of other manufacturers are currently offering.

    • Super Stick 3M Glue
    • Cork + EVA composite
    • Ultra-lightweight
    • Water-repellent
    • Diamond shaped grip pattern
    • 5 piece
    • Inverted drop arch bar - comfort at the top, response towards the kick.
    • Medium height kick
    • Durable

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