GreenFix Natural Surf Wax Extra Cold

by: GreenFix

100% natural, non toxic eco wax.

Extra Cold - 8˚C and below (Winter conditions in North UK)

GreenFix is an award-winning wax manufacturer (2009 EuroSima Innovation award) from France. All products are manufactured, by hand, on location, using 100% natural ingredients.

The wax was design to perform and will provide you with excellent grip, which means you'll no longer have an excuse when you don't land those airs.

But being green and performant is not all that this wax offers. GreenFix have managed to create a blend that has a unique resistance to heat. When most waxes melt like butter at 40°C, GreenFix doesn't. In fact this wax will resist to up to 60°C, so no more wax stains on your car seats.

“We do everything by hand, we pour the wax into the moulds and demould by hand. Our wax is highly heat resistant, environmentally friendly and we designed it specifically for easy use and great performance “ Damien Greenfix France

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