Who are we?

Centre for Sustainable Surfing

Everyday, surfers rely on the environment to provide them with clean water and waves. This is what keeps us surfers stoked, and most believe in environmental causes but we don’t always follow this through with the products we buy.

Despite the existence of some ethical surf brands, I recognised there was a distinct lack of availability when it came to eco-friendly alternatives.

Now however, thanks to The Green Wave, everyone can support both small and large independent brands who are working hard to protect and sustain the planet that provides us with so much.

As well as being able to offer an option for environmentally-conscious riders who want great product performance, The Green Wave aims to influence everyday surfers through inspiring content, insightful articles and in-depth product information.


I hope you’ll come along on this journey.

Gordon Fontaine
Founder, The Green Wave

Our Mission

To make sustainable surf products readily available online.

To provide customers with a user friendly and informative website.

To only sell products that meet our ethical criteria.

To change the way surfers buy and use their gear.

To promote and actively seek out innovative brands that produce great eco surf products.

To encourage exisiting brands to develop eco friendly products.

To create an online platform for sustainable surfing.

To keep surfers informed about current, important environmental issues.