Our Core Values

Our Core Values


We believe in authentic brands that deliver products of high quality.

We believe in products designed, made and tested by surfers for surfers.


We care about our environment, our playground, and therefore believe it’s our duty to preserve it.

We believe there are ways to reduce surfers' environmental impact and endeavour to help you reduce yours.


We believe much more can be done to develop more environmentally friendly surf products.

We believe that environmentally-friendly products should feature much more heavily in the surf industry.


We support smaller, ethical independent brands that are 100% focused on producing eco goods.

We also support the larger brands that are making a conscious effort to become as sustainable as possible and lead the way for others.


We believe in only selling products that we would use ourselves.

We believe eco friendly surf products can deliver high-end performance and design.


The surfing community is larger than ever, together we can make a difference.

Through various articles and product reviews we endeavour to help you make more conscious decisions when it comes to buying surf gear.