The Green Wave is the UK's first surf shop dedicated to eco-friendly products. Now that doesn't mean we only sell on sustainable products; we have an environmental policy of our own.

Sustainable development has been defined by Brundtland has one that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs".

This is something that we truly believe in here at The Green Wave and it is the reason why the business has been built on those principles.

The question is how do we implement that? The Green Wave seeks to apply those principles through the following actions: Curate, Recycle, Inform and Support.



By curating we mean carefully selecting the suppliers and products we work with.

The focus is on brands that have sustainability embedded at the heart of their activities. Brands that are actively making an effort towards creating a more environmentally-friendly industry.

What it also means is that The Green Wave will only sell quality products that serve a specific purpose in your surfing experience and does so with the same level of performance as any other non-eco products.


Obviously recycling is fundamental to any sustainability policy, but at The Green Wave we've added a little extra to the concept. First things first though, all waste generated by The Green Wave will be disposed accordingly. This means recycling of cardboard boxes, paper, and so on.

We at The Green Wave endeavour to reuse or up-cycle any disposal materials and give them a new purpose, whether it be packaging or building storage furniture.

Last but not least, The Green Wave is committed to provide you with the greenest online shopping experience, and to do so all orders will be dispatched using bio-degradable and/or recycled packaging.



We're talking about you now, the customers. There's a lot of misconceptions when it comes to environmentally-friendly products. Often we hear "if it's the same price and it hasn't replaced the other non-eco alternative, then it can't be as good" or the classic "green is too expensive". The Green Wave was created to fight those misconceptions and prove to you that these products can perform just as well if not better than any other options.

But products are not the only thing The Green Wave seeks to help out with. We also want to keep you up to date with anything related to surfing and the environment, and invite you to take part in environmental campaigns for example.


The Green Wave is committed to help support not only the brands that invest so much in manufacturing better products, but also the organisations that are working hard to keep the ocean clean, the beaches clear, or even provide drinkable water to the lesser privileged populations of those surf spots we go to every winter.

The Green Wave pledges to help support those organisations, whether it involves direct participation, communication support, or fundraising. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to keep yourself updated with our current programs.