6' Regular Recycled Leash Green

by: Wavetribe

6ft Regular eco-friendly surf leashes are the average Joe of leashes. With their standard diameter, they're designed for maximum safety and strength.

Traditionally regular leashes are designed to hold up to 6-8ft waves, however Wavetribe leashes are extra strong and you'll be able to surf up to 8-10ft waves (if you dare) without the worry of having to swim all the way back to shore, board-less.

  • Wavetribe leashes are one-of-a-kind products, for two reasons. Not only they are the strongest leashes out there, they’re also made out of recycled materials.

    While the swivels and webbing are made from scratch for extra comfort and maximum technical efficiency, the main part of the leash, the cord, is made from recycled plastic bottles.

    The combination of the two make up for a leash that’s extremely strong, durable, technical and comfortable.

    • Super strong velcro that lasts
    • Double swivel technology: no more tangle
    • Comfortable padded strap
    • Detachable rail saver

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