7'6 Global Travel Bag

by: Wavetribe

The 7'6" Wavetribe Global travel bag is the perfect bag for your next surf trip, and the one after that, and after that, and so on. These bags are extremely durable and unlike other brands, they will not give up on you.

This bag will fit 2-4 boards easily, as well as all the other gear like your wetsuit, towels, leashes and fins.

  • One side hemp, one side alloy and steel mesh, this bag was made to protect your board to the fullest while using the least amount of harmful materials as possible.

    It has loads of really handy pocket for your towels, wetsuit, leash, fins and wax (yes, you can fit all these in the one bag).

    But the big story here is the use of hemp as one of the main materials. Hemp is a highly sustainable material that grows without the use of pesticides or herbicides. It is UV resistant, mould resistant and one of the toughest fibres out there, which means the bag will not only look amazing but will also be highly durable.

    The large zip are also non-corrosive, which means that, unlike most of the other bags, your zip won’t rust after a couple of trips. As a matter of fact, it will never rust.

    • External pocket for wetsuit/towel
    • Internal pockets for leash, fin and wax
    • Expandable fin compartment
    • Non-corrosive YKK #10 zipper
    • High Quality hemp for extreme durability
    • 6 mm Closed Cell Foam
    • Reinforced Padded Shoulder Strap
    • Ergonomic Handle for extra comfort and ease of transportation
    • Energy Shield Steel Mesh Bottom

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