Notox 'Longfish' Fun Surfboard

by: Notox Surfboards

Shaper: Benoit Ramex

Notox's Longfish Surfboard model is a great transition board from the Mini Mal down to the shortboard. Designed for performance and ease of use, it will suit the intermediate surfer looking for better manoeuvrability, or simply the bigger guys with more power.

The perfectly designed swallow tail makes for great rail to rail transitions and drive through the turns whilst keeping a good amount of manoeuvrability. The generous volume under the chest is designed to give the surfer plenty of paddling power in order to make the most of your sessions.

What you need to know:

  • Will handle up to 6ft
  • Thruster set up - FCS or Future
  • Length Width Thickness Volume
    6'8" 21" 2"1/2 39.3 L
    6'10" 21"1/2 2"5/8 43.1 L
    7'0" 21"3/4 2"3/4 46.3 L
    7'2" 22" 2"7/8 49.8 L
    • EPS Foam Blank with up to 100% recycled content and CFC Free guarantee
    • Quadric-axial Flax Fibre for increased flex and response
    • High performance Bio-Epoxy Resin 100% sourced in France
    • Vacuum Lamination process for a lighter, stronger and more dynamic board
    • All materials are sourced within 900km of the NOTOX factory (80% France, 20% Belgium)
    • 100% Built under the Charter of Quality (Health - Safety - Environment)
  • We believe in providing you with the board you need. For this reason, all boards will be made to order and will be delivered to you fresh within 4-6 weeks.

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