Notox 'Pro Rider' Longboard Surfboard

by: Notox Surfboards

Shaper: Benoit Ramex

The Pro Rider Longboard by Notox Surfboard was designed for the slightly more experienced longboarder.

The combination of both new-school and old-school features make this shape an absolute must for anyone wishing to compete or just mix it up a bit. The large rounded nose offers great stability when nose riding whilst the narrower tail allows the surf to manoeuvre the board as best as possible.

The 2+1 set up allows you to change things up a bit, keep it to single fin when you want to just cruise down the line and hang on the nose, or add the lateral fins to increase manoeuvrability and speed.

  • Length Width Thickness Volume
    9'0" 22" 2"1/2 coming soon
    9'1" 22"3/8 2"5/8 coming soon
    9'2" 22"1/2 2"3/4 coming soon
    • EPS Foam Blank with up to 100% recycled content and CFC Free guarantee
    • Quadric-axial Flax Fibre for increased flex and response
    • High performance Bio-Epoxy Resin 100% sourced in France
    • Vacuum Lamination process for a lighter, stronger and more dynamic board
    • All materials are sourced within 900km of the NOTOX factory (80% France, 20% Belgium)
    • 100% Built under the Charter of Quality (Health - Safety - Environment)
  • We believe in providing you with the board you need. For this reason, all boards will be made to order and will be delivered to you fresh within 4-6 weeks.

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